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Saturday, October 14, 2006 | 3:06 AM

this is an announcement.
i will no longer be blogging here often.
i have a new blog at www.idonotoweyouanything.wordpress.com

voluptuousvortex has been quite a memory but I cannot deal with the exposure given how vulgar I am 99% of the time. Relink if you wish to otherwise I won't even care.
tata for now.

Friday, October 13, 2006 | 1:28 AM


Note and if you do, you don't have to announce to the whole world.
I am shifting. I will post up the new link soon cos it's not done yet and it's way too messy over there. When it's done, you'll know.

This is action taken to escape from constant stalking and limited freedom of speech. We know how much this country favours our FOS yea?
This shift is prolly a big hoo-ha to the stalkers. No, I'm aware I'm nt Mr M.J. or Spears but there are still stalkers. For example those that make it so obvious and searched my blog using the keywords 'David Ng, tpjc'. The school takes up much effort to extend their arms of help and assistance but no thank you.

p.s. Ms Sha, this entry doesn't refer to you altho you do read my stuff I guess.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006 | 7:51 PM

We really went to visit Ms Sha, unlike those times when we made so much noise abt joining interhouse games which we really didn't. Anyway I was late and everyone was blowing steam off their top at me. You see, I didn't want to be the one arranging the time and place but it so happened that if I never did, then we would still be on the sch forum whining abt visiting Ms Sha. I know the sch site is dwn but that's beside the point.

Ms Sha's place was pretty cool altho frm the outside I thought it looked torn down? It has to be this comparison tendency since its surrounded by all those big and colourful houses. Had a little catch up w/ Ms Sha and she had a little preview of our nonsense when she wasn't around. I guess our hearts sank when she expressed her hopes that she won't take our class next year, much thanks to our mischief and misconduct. Perhaps we expected a little too much frm her or maybe it's just us doing too little fr her. We're a lovely class I know albeit noisy, a little AA when we're together and some MIAs.

We left Ms Sha's @noon and went different ways- not unexpected. The guys didn't tell me they're playing pool or it's just me running all over the place here there everywhere so I didn't catch them when they discussed it. Watched You, Me and Dupree. Now I know my name is David-ness. I swear the storyline is so retarded I had a good-cheapthrill-of-a-time there. I don't know why Pinyi claims that she almost slept. Random: I think Subway's veggie delight is damn cheap and I was disappointed they don't have Mushroom soup as Amantha said other branches have- I think. I couldn't remember what I wanted to tell Shuyun ytd abt the movie but now I remembered: Swimmers aren't the only ones tt shave, bikers too. :p

We went to this arcade and we played (fr the 1st time of my life) this picture-difference-thing. I was more of the observing party cos I couln't see any differences not like the rest. And no, I wasn't busy looking at the 'babes' in the picture, I just suck at the game itself. Then there's this slam button thing called Bishibashi. Amantha teamed with me and we were very very lame. The part on the wedding cake throw just shows how nehneh both of us are. It fell 3 times.

Went back with Pinyi. I think it was rather awkward but I didn't die frm silence like how I thought. Thank goodness we had smth to talk abt on the way back. Trg's resuming tmr and I am afraid my chest/heart pain doesn't return. Morning till early afternoon would be part 1 of judgement day. Of all papers they have to return the Bio paper first. Thank you tpjc. I have 2 pw periods after that to reap my soul from any setbacks. I hope we get what we want frm the next 2 days' results. All the best ppl. (:

| 1:31 AM

Pureness and its radiation.
Notebook-craze revived thanks to Shuyun.
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| 1:26 AM

The macro shots. (: Posted by Picasa

| 1:19 AM

The exam-survival-kit.
Or motivational-numb-our-pain-and-delude-ourselves-drug.
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| 1:08 AM

Jehanne and Su and people. Posted by Picasa

| 1:03 AM

Shu yun; God-knows-what-she-is-doing Posted by Picasa

| 12:44 AM

Dinie flashing his I-am-a-pervert-smile
Wenxin trying acting surprised but secretly awaits for this shot.
Dinie still flashing his pervertic smile with Ivan's vision safely guarded.
Dinie is digging his nose.
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| 12:29 AM

Elvis getting bored. Ivan getting aroused.
Eunice and Amantha; yes very engaging conversation.
Amantha vs Pin Yi (newly named Kisha or smth like that); contrasting ways of eye contact
Hidayat- still posing.
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| 12:22 AM

THE POSERS. We couldn't get hold Pak so yeaaa. Posted by Picasa

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The dudettes @Ms Sha's. Posted by Picasa

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The junk of pre-promos. Posted by Picasa

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LIME=HOTNESS. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 08, 2006 | 11:17 PM

The past few days have been a drag. Many thanks to the haze from beloved Indonesia, we now postponed our plans to skin-fry @Sentosa/any-other-beach-you-can-name. Jn and supposedly Shuyun (aft her x-ray results are out) are suppose to train at the gym and I'm suppose to transform into Mr-hot-toned-arms-toned-legs-and-everything-else. Of all times shuyun MUST remind me Ivan is the 1st guy in class tt is alr built/toned whatever you call it. Thanks! Oh and I reminded her tt I can run and he can't. I know it's evil but a little self-esteem would do me good, no? I'll get that ultimate tanning oil tt turns me HOT BRONZE before we tan eh?

We're finally visitng Ms Sha tmr to see her and the baby. It wasn't too hard to contact the class but we have people refusing to turn up. Please come up with a valid reason good enough to defend your absence at a visit to YOUR civics tutor's place. I'm not chairman but I don't give a feck. snorts.

I'll bring the cam out. (:

| 3:50 PM

DAMN. The track farewell bbq clashes with the 05s09 bbq. arrrghh.

Thursday, October 05, 2006 | 9:26 PM

RAWR. Papers are all over. ((:

I don't want to get them back and today's Bio was really deadly. I won't say it is that difficult that you can hardly proceed from one question but mcq was a level higher than the cts and section B was a little more tricky than before. Section C was pretty straightforward but depending on where you started from- either way you can't finish the entire paper cos the last section attempted (B or C or some weirdos A) has too much fr you to write. I am freaking pissed with Section B now cos out of 6 questions I only managed to complete 4 proper. The other two were scribblings of random facts I think I know. Even with tt I couldn't finish. I write slow- arrrgh. I hope they moderate it.

Went dwn to town and whatever area I can't rmbr cos I suck at directions but I know my legs are sore cos girls shop like crazyyyy even if they're tired, those girl-things on display numb all their pain. And I think I'm a damn forgetful bastard cos I forgot to bring my ixus out to snap. How can I miss those orgasmic moments after the last paper? fsck.

I bought this double A notebk which is white and it shall serve as this aura of pureness to me. I need holiness to radiate ard me cos I am at such a highly explosive level of excitement I believe I'll turn crazier with the seconds.

Oh I don't know what else to say cos I'm not gg to stone in front of the desktop after exams.
To the ppl taking As, work smart yea? Sometimes it doesn't pay to study too hard. maybe tt's just my excuse to slack. snorts.

Monday, October 02, 2006 | 2:40 PM

Chem paper dwn. (:

Ok so it wasn't as bad as I thought it wld be after being sick the weekend and am still sick now.. grrr. I guess I made too much noise in the hall- was coughing like crazyyyy. I think I might just scrap a pass fr chem but knowing chem and how it never fails to cheat my feelings I dare not expect.

Bio and math's coming up. Aft every paper I tend to slack as though the last paper was THE last paper. Hur. I know I'm a screwed up inside out everywhere. Don't reckon I'll do anything much abt Math- I know I said this before and the more I say it, the more I start to wonder if I shld do smth abt it. I can't get my assses dwn to do math. Besides bio makes a lot more sense than math. Oh and the thing abt Bio, I really fear expectations and all that you're-top-and-so-you-have-to-do-it-again-or-at-least-a-decent-grade. Mustika was feeding me with that feeling in the photocopy shop aft the paper. arrrrgh. Seriously, I don't think I can do it again and I am not going to be stressed cos it will make things worse. Ms Sha if you read this, I'ld like to let you know I'll do my best (I hope) and if I happen to screw the paper pls blame my cough. Errr accept? (:

I shall get rest-therapy and wake up later to do something. I haven't got a plan! WTF??!

Sunday, October 01, 2006 | 4:16 PM

You know what?
I think I might flung chem.

Just when I thought I would score. snorts.

Friday, September 29, 2006 | 8:17 PM

2 papers down. GP and Econs. (:
I am glad I manage to finish the GP paper although Hem claims it to be hard which means I prolly misread some stuff cos I thought it was still do-able?
I will tear the econs paper when I get back my paper. It was so badly written I hoped I didn't take econs. But then again, compared to many others who didn't have time to at least attempt all questions or blanked during the paper, I am one lucky man.

Oh and I am going to give up on H1 math. It's not like there's a lot to do abt it but I haven't been consistent with it and I really shouldn't bother with last minute work on it given how godly my math is. heh.

I can finally see the doctor tmr- with thanks to econs . tsk.

Sunday, September 24, 2006 | 1:48 AM

Since goal setting doesn't work too well with me I decided to look further than setting those goals byond my reach. I shall dwell deeper and think abt smth tt wld garner a greater motivational force, that is, things-I've-always-wanted-to-do-but-hv-no-time (or didn't notice).

  • Sleep for full 10 hours. (for WEEKS)
  • Learn Photoshop (I do know navigation and editting but the end-result is kinda bullshit)
  • Learn Paintshop Pro (applies like the abv)
  • Party- now that I'm 18. It's not like I've been waiting to be 18 to do this but it just happens I've nv found time to do so. Shall hook james to go with me. I know he's so un-party-like. (eh you don't laugh or deny this! You know you're a nehneh)
  • Photo-snapping spree/learn to capture moments carrying all the rich emotions. awww.
  • Arrange and burn all those photos/pics in my computer which is currently carrying gigabytes of videos. I'm afraid the PC might just give up on me someday and I'd lose really precious photos.
  • Buy A DVD burner and burn all those charmed/movies.
  • Re-decide my decision to leave track and field cos I'm tired of competitive running. It's so sudden but I don't know why I feel so. Perhaps too long a break frm trg.
  • Write letters to all the teachers I know of/taught me once or more cos I didn't on tchr's day and I felt tt I need to thanks them and allow them to know hw impt they are in our quest of paperchase.
  • Go crazy and tan with Jehanne and maybe the rest @ Sentosa? (I don't doubt, I'm unsure only)
  • etc etc etc...

Hey that's pre-promo-therapy for me (altho it doesn't have a direct academic-proportionate effect) But I don't give a damn. heh.

Friday, September 22, 2006 | 11:51 PM

Neutral we think, biased it is.

Before I begin, if you find the following entry random where you have a pbm stringing up what I'm blabbering then pardon me but ignore and forget whatever I say. If you find it callous, unacceptable, rude yadda yadda, then don't read it as the author does not limit what he says/feels as it can be drawn out from an entire imagination/nightmare. Hold your horses, it's not neutral albeit an attempt to. Objectivity vs subjectivity- which side are you on?

To begin there was never 'the 7 of us'. It's just you, you, you, you and her, you and finally me alone. There is a mixture along that line of you-s, sometimes a pair, sometimes a crowd/group/alone. My point is whoever said we have to be together as a piece of inseparable comprising 7? It prolly rose out from a generalization that everyone adopted sooner or later for convenience sake. Now we assume things; we are one or at least we oh-so-attempt-to.

The KFC thrashing session was useless. I went that day prepared for more blunt issues- issues which weren't brought up on that particular Monday. I knew I committed a sin. I went out with a group that has parties still unwilling to open up and talk. If you're willing to start a table of 7 discussing a major problem with this 'us' and knowing how impossible it is to gather everyone on a day in a short time, for a short while, then shouldn't everything be made clear with the rules drawn out? Instead, I felt the excitement over a meal together. Are we naive? How many times are you willing to fall/get slapped? We left that day with more complications. It was superficial. Hardly anyone spoke everything on their mind. One only answered to questions in defense. Some added opinions. Then we digressed a couple of times. Was it a thrash-out session or was it all faked.

Self-centered vs AA.
Would you dare say someone AA has more negative attributes than someone self-centered? How far would you go in life if everything revolves around you? How would you respond to community around you? An event not in favour of you, a situation you dislike, a comment you are unable to swallow, a person you disagree with, an idea conflicting yours, a fact you can't accept, an incident you don't expect… You allow yourself to be unreceptive to ideas, facts, opinions, comments that MAY offer a better cause. Being forceful, demanding and to the extent of annoyance, disrespect and defiance towards opinions/ideas are attributes of a self-centered mind. AA- it can be an action out to attract attention on a severely wrong note that is annoying and result with others scorning at you or it just happens that you, being different, created an attention which you didn't call for. My definitions might be inaccurate. In comparison with being self-centered what is worse? Which would be enough to summon an entire crowd of haters and spites? Which would be a long-term, permanent problem for an individual? Is your list of friends long? Those we found true- are they accepting you because they know you are a true friend to them or are they too tired and have given up hope on you to change for your better? How would you define true? Allowing you to rot or adapting to changes? You may beg to differ that our pitiful begging and whining for changes are selfish for personal reasons but would these selfish reasons for you to adapt be the same reasons why in the near future you have unforeseen problems in your workplace, you family/relatives and your friends? Would you be able to change then? Would you be able to adapt- or perish?
An AA character, the 'subtle' one, can never be a serious problem. It just attracts different perople- those unable to accept leave but those who are able and perhaps have the same traits flock together. Tell me anyone willing to flock with you w/o any pang of disgust IF you're self-centered. It radiates and surround you with layers of detestation. Would you live to bear that fate? Or would you go crazy from feeling hurt when the society points its finger at you accusingly? I hope you get my drift and consider the consequences.

Objectivity vs Subjectivity.
Are you objective when you threw such nasty comments? Nobody can be bitchier in our class than me. What you've seen of me is only the skin. Have you gotten past the layers of my mind? I am willing to turn nasty, wicked and manipulative to scare you for your own good. I am capable of that I know. Would you then still be as unwilling to change? It may result in you changing for your own gain or it will turn sour and our actions get ugly. Many often preach of how the friendship is oh-so-important to them, how they are willing to compromise but it superficial? I'll be frank with you; I have no obligations to stick with anyone. I am Teflon or at least I undertake. When one of you asked me how close /unafraid to disclose opinions to the rest of you in the '7 of us', my answer was straight- none. I'll be on my guard. Since all of us are on our guards. If all of us wear amours and carry shields, nobody will get injured so long we're not attacking but how long would you be able to carry/wear them? I am not tired yet. Remember, it's only 2 years and being Teflon means it's nth to me. The shields and amours would still be shiny at the end of my journey here in college. Carrying and wearing them is not a problem cos polishing/hardening them is.

Lastly, (this entry is getting on forever because there are too many unsettled things with much thanks to our guards) I am unwilling to be associated with anymore of the issues but at this level, it gets so annoying and being related although not necessarily involved, I cannot allow this to disturb my peace. I'll stay out of this. I will try but I would not promise because who are you to demand my promise? You think you're worth me? Is this me being self-centered? Or is this a refection of you? That question is not written to stimulate your reflection as I mean it literally. My point is I don't want to care as much as I've already typed this essay but your actions are stepping on my toes and I'm flinging you off them. If this is how far I fling you with my toes, try my fingers. I am not just another bastard-bitch you have witnessed, I am worse. If you tread on any part of me, I show aggression and if it has to kill then you would have to take the blow be it survivable or not.
Watch your back- if.